Thursday, March 26, 2009

Such An Uneventful Day!

I spent half the day talking to people on the phone!!

First, I talked to TFT on the phone.

Then, I talked to Weiyiang.

Went to meet Liling at Tpy for lunch.

She came over to my house to use the comp after lunch.

Walked to interchange to post something and pay my bills.

Came home, talked to Humpty on the phone.

Now, I'm deciding if I should go to Weiyiang's house for a stayover.
Anyway, Humpty's friend, Teck Yi is looking for a wife. LOL!

He's a really humorous guy who plays basketball and the cello. He's 170cm tall and weighs 64kg. He tends to be shy if you don't know him well but he is actually a joker. His friends rated him an average of 7.5/10 for his personality and looks. He is more fluent in his Chinese but he is very entertaining when he speaks in English.

I think that's all. And oh..... he talks like an Ah Pek. haha! Oops... Not in a bad way la. It's hilarious.

Okay. He's looking for someone who is sweet and who plays sports. If you are musically-inclined it will be a bonus for him. You have to be talkable, not shy but not talkative. He prefers someone who is a good girl, not the wild kind of girl. I think looks aren't that important for him but you have to be lookable.

So if you think you fit the criteria and you're looking for a husband too, please contact me on my tagboard!

LOL! Byebye.

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