Monday, March 9, 2009

Rainy Days Are Cold.

Okay. I'm so sorry that I flooded the previous post with so many photos. I got a shock when I saw my post too but I had no time to change anything so it's left like that.

Anyway, this post will be flooded with photos too. So if you are not interested, stop reading.

I think I'm going blind soon. That are always so many photos to upload onto facebook and my blog. I'm like starring into the screen like mad. Plus, tagging people doesn't make it any better. My eyesight probably became worse.

Work was B.O.R.I.N.G as usual. Met Liling at tpy at around 1045am. But when we reached PS, it started raining really heavily. So Agar, Liling, Joyce and I were stuck there for pretty long. (We love it actually) Had KFC for snack and cabbed down to work.

After work, I went shopping at Far East and Wisma with Agar and Liling. Agar just felt like shopping so we had dinner at a coffeeshop and bused down to town after work.

Bought a bracelet for $7.90 and berms for $29.90. My bank is dying. I am spending as if my father is a millionaire. Agar spent even more. She practically went on a shopping spree.
Okay. To balance the photos and words, I shall be random and type more rubbish.

I realised that uploading photos at 1045pm is a good time because facebook loves people at that time. Uploading is so fast that my eyesight is worsening at a rate of 1 alphabet/minute instead of 1 alphabet/second. Do you understand what I'm trying to say??

Anyway, don't upload your photos at 12-1am. I nearly died last night uploading the photos. I spent 2 whole hours uploading them but facebook was angry! >:( So facebook made my eyesight worsen at a rate of 1 alphabet/minisecond.

Due to facebook's mood swing, I only got to sleep at 0143am last night!

And also due to facebook's mood swing, I had a really weird dream last night!! I woke up in shock!! Sleeping at 0143am isn't good because I tend to dream about weird stuff.

Are you very curious about what I dreamt of???

Oh. You won't get to know it.
More random thoughts.

I think I'm going to apply for Communications Studies in NTU and FASS Communications and New Media in NUS. If I can't get into either one, I will cry and whine and make sure the people there take me in!

Oh right. I'm not the one choosing them. They are the ones choosing me.

So if I can't get in, you will see me emoing on my blog.

Typing words is tiring because I have to read and read and read my blog post again and again to check if I made any mistakes! It's so time-consuming!

So photos!

This is the cap that I went shopping for. It's Woody's birthday present.
After I bought the cap, I wanted a cap for myself!
Some random photo of Agar at work.
The rainbow during the 1990 babies bbq.
Yesterday at Far East. I took photos secretly.
Some geeky specs.
Pat is such a geek.
Will you be my friend?? =D
People are kpo!! Look at the number of visitors on my blog on 7 March!
Carrefour with Liling.

I'm in my 'modern dance' attire today! haha.

Agar is working hard!

I wonder what the three of us were thinking of.

Yay. End of photos! Less photos than yesterday. Okay. I'm going to see what there is for me to do.


AND I JUST REALISED IT'S 9 MARCH TODAY! For the whole day during work, I was writing 08/03. =.= I'm living in the past............

Byebye. 0003am.

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