Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not a good day.

I woke up in the morning and left the house for work. Most of the stores weren't open when we reached PS! So as usual, we started camwhoring when we saw there was a mirror! =D

Huiting, Liling and I.

Then Songminghan came along.
And Joson came.
Then Songminghan went to buy bread for breakfast and I saw Moses Lim!! Of course I didn't forget to take a photo with him.
Bought my salmon sushi and went off for work. Salmon sushi had been my breakfast for many many days.

Lunch came along and we went for lunch at Liang Court.
We went to sit down at Subway because we thought they wanted to eat Subway. But after taking some photos, we left without buying anything. Went off to Macs for our lunch instead!

Songminghan looks extremely spastic here.
Liling, Me, Agar!

After lunch was camwhoring time again.
Joyce and Liling!
Such an artistic shot by Joyce.

After the tiring tiring work was dinner at the bak kut teh shop opposite the office. (No photos because we were too hungry.)

Then we walked to PS to chill. And when I say chill, it literally means chill. We went to Ice Monster to have snow.
The self-timer 3 shots.

Talked and stoned and ate and it was home sweet home. My ez-link card is spoilt!!!! It can't be read. =(( So I gotta head down to somewhere to get it replaced or done. I just topped it up with money a few days ago okay! Boooooooo!

Okay. Off to watch shows. Results in approximately 1 day's time.

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