Monday, March 16, 2009

My 1st Birthday Cake!

Yes! 3 days before my birthday and I got my 1st birthday cake for this year!

The credit goes to Ce Le Tin and Poser!!! *claps claps claps*
I went to work at 1pm with Liling. Lunched at Mos since it was raining heavily at Dhoby. We had to use an umbrella when we walked to the workplace. I don't like to walk in the rain! =(

Work was pretty alright today. Okay. Boring like usual, but it wasn't that terrible like some days.

At first, Chantel asked me to work ot today. But I had to meet Ce Le Tin and Poser, so she didn't make me stay back. But I already postponed the meeting to 8pm, so I stayed in the office to do sorting with Liling till 7 plus before making my way to AMK Hub.


Me with my burger. Somehow, I look retarded nowadays.
Ce Le Tin and Poser treated me to Pepper Steak! Pepper Lunch for dinner! Irony!
My birthday cake! It was meant to be a surprise. But apparently, they didn't have a lighter, so Poser went to ask the Pepper Lunch person for a lighter. Then the waitor took the lighter, tested it right in front of our table and threw it onto the table. haha. So I knew my cake was coming out.
Unglam photo of Poser!!! HAHAHAHA POSER! See this?? =D
My cake and I!
Ahhh! MY CAKE! lol.....
I'm golden!
I made 4 wishes at a shot again! =D
Ce Le Tin in her rubbish clothes. haha.
Talk to my hand, by Poser.
Trying very hard to take off the wrapper.
The cake that looks extremely retarded but it tasted pretty alright.
Andersen's ice-cream. Poser forced me to eat ice-cream even though I was very full. I paid half for the ice-cream!
Interesting thing during Work. This lady wrote the business activity as "Agency helping troubled young women" and she circled "Hotel/Hotel Management"!!!! LOL PLEASE! It means troubled young ladies work at the hotel?? hahaha! Liling and I couldn't stop laughing when we saw this!
Anyway, today was a happy day! Thanks to Ce Le Tin and Poser!

Thanks for the birthday cake surprise even though it wasn't a surprise.
Thanks for making the effort to look for surprise guests even though none of them could make it.
Thanks for having the thought of inviting him as the surprised guest although you all knew it won't be successful.
Thanks for the treat.
And lastly, thanks for being the first to get me a birthday cake this year! =D
Random stuff 1,

Liling told me the "Law of Attraction" today. If you think hard enough, it will happen!

I'm thinking hard of something to happen! =D

It will happen!
It will happen!
It will happen!
Random stuff 2,

I'm being so random again! But I like to be random.

I just remembered why work wasn't that dull today. There was this auntie who came to talk to us during work. Liling and I ended up talking to her for quite some time. We totally agree that when people give you flyers, you should take it! In that way, the flyer distributor will be able to earn more money and go off early! So, remember to take the flyers!!!
Random stuff 3,

Liling and I were walking to PS and we saw this huge dog. So I sort of shouted softly and moved to one side. Then the owner of the dog, who happens to be an ang moh commented, "I think he's more afraid of you all".

And I started laughing like crazy because it was so funny at that moment. haha!
Lastly, random event 4,

We were enjoying our ice-cream and Poser didn't have a seat. So she said, "The more you sit, the bigger your butt is." But the thing is, out of the three of us, the one who was standing has the biggest butt. LOL! (Oops Poser, I wasn't referring to you. haha!)
There will be camp training on my birthday! Gotta meet at 0915am at PS Starbucks. It will end around 1-2pm and lunch won't be provided.

Okay. Byebye!

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