Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm NineTEEN!

Yes! Lai Meng turned 19 on the 19th! Cool!

Early in the morning, I went to PS to meet up with the organisers for the camp facilitators stuff and we went to the old site of SOTA for our training.

Training ended about 1 plus and Meowie, Spastic, Vics and I bused back to Dhoby to have lunch. Cafe Cartel for lunch!

Pork Ribs!
Anyway, this is Meowie's card for me!
Spastic and Jiafan's present! (Not the handphone, the handphone strap)
Alright. After lunch, we left for Sentosa. By the way, we only finished our lunch at about 0330pm! So by the time we reached Sentosa, it was 4 plus.

At Sentosa.
Spastic and Meowie left quite early, leaving Vics and I at Koufu. We ate desserts and waited for TFT and Sasa to come!

I waited and waited and this little girl and little boy came up to me with a photo and asked me if I'm the one in the photo. Then they passed an envelope to me and they left.

This is how the envelope looks like.

I just realised I didn't take a photo of the note in the envelope. But it's a really nice looking piece of invitation! =D

So I was supposed to follow a trail and find pieces of paper with pictures of lemons on them. BUT apparently, I didn't manage to find any at all! haha! But I walked and walked and walked and the next moment when I turned around, I saw TFT and Sasa there with the surprise!

They bought a cake, beard papa's cream puff and poured slurpee into a cool cup to make me feel like a princess! SO SWEET! <3
The board that TFT and Sasa did! =D
TFT and Sasa!!!

That's me!!!
The pretty sunset!
Okay. Camwhoring time!

The two of them are my bodyguards! lol.
Successful jump shots. We took many many many jump shots!

I <3 YOU!
We are Ballet Dancers!
Back to the 70s!
Candid shot! But I think it's cute! =D
<3 THEM!

WOW! I reached the end of the photos. I only selected a few to put up. The rest are all up on facebook. The two links are below!

Now, onto the appreciation list!!!

Thank you to all those who messaged or msned me last night! The list of name is in order of timing!

(1) TFT! She sent it at 1159pm! Thanks for the surprise too!!
(2) Jiafan! He was thereotically the 1st! 0000am. Thanks for the present too!
(3) Gladys.
(4) Joel. He didn't remember till I reminded him. =.=
(5) Charlyn.
(6) Meowie.
(7) Xiao Ken. He remembered even though he's in camp!
(8) Ice-Cream Waffle
(9) Kiddy
(10) Ng Ah Li!
(11) Weiyuan
(12) Diana. Happy Birthday too!
(13) Sasa. Thanks for the surprise!
(14) Nic Goh.
(15) Pat.
(16) Shanly. Thanks for the message and the wall post.
(17) Desmond.
(18) Bimb. Thanks for the message, msn offline message plus wall post! =D
(19) Breadie.
(20) Peng Yi.
(21) Eunice.
(22) Abigail.
(23) Vics. Thanks for the Sentosa Trip and everything.
(24) CLT. Thanks for the blogpost specially for me. (Though I got a shock from the photos. haha)
(25) Minghan. Thanks for the present but no thanks for forgetting to wish me. Idiot.
(26) Waikit.
(27) Liling.
(28) Joyce.
(29) Hanxie.
(30) Weiyiang! She messaged me from Hong Kong!!
(31) Ah Mui. Thanks for the message and wall post! =D
(32) Wan Ching.
(33) Andrew! Thanks for the message and the song with actions that he made Sasa, TFT and Vics sing to me. (I'm his sunshine eh!!! =D)
(34) Yensoon. Thanks for the message and the msn offline message too!
(35) Jessica.
(36) Huiqi.
(37) Shirley. She tried to stay up and be the last to wish me but she was so drowsy after taking the medicine so she gave up. But thanks anyway! =D
(38) Soon Kiat.
(39) Audrey. Thanks for trying to be the last too and also for the wall post!
(40) Woody! Last person to wish me through message! Thank you!

Okay. Now to the wall posters (People who posted on my wall)

(1) Kenneth.
(2) Joanna Koh. My Primary School friend!
(3) David.
(4) Wenhao.
(5) Albert.
(6) Guanyu.
(7) Chris.
(8) Cherie.
(9) Renjie.
(10) Joshua Leong.
(11) Pauline. (my IJ senior)
(12) Eleazer.
(13) Samm Tay.
(14) Gillian. Happy Birthday too!
(15) Marcus.
(16) Gabrielle.
(17) Kailun.
(18) Poopie.
(19) Susan.
(20) Yanqin.
(21) Grace Thiam.

And lastly, the earlycomers and the latecomers.

Kevin and Jeff who wished me on 18th March. Evil Pot, Poser and Timo who wished me on 20th March. Thank you too.

It's 0155am and I feel so tired!

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