Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lems ponned work today!

Fine. I didn't exactly pon work. Liling was having a sore throat and slight fever, so she couldn't go to work. Agar was having shoulder and back aches, so she didn't want to work either. So me, being very healthy, accompanied Agar to Novena to have lunch.

Oh. Get well soon Liling and Agar!!! =D

Agar came to tpy to meet me. And we went over to Novena to have lunch at donut factory.

Firstly, let me show you what I cooked in the early morning!

We ordered 2 donuts and green tea from donut factory.
Agar cooked corn. So these were our lunch! Agar is on a diet, so I had to eat less food too!
Headed over to Cotton On to try clothes. Bought this top in grey.
Going to get this top with Agar tomorrow at PS because there wasn't the size that she wanted at Novena.
After a while, we were so tired so we rested.
Look at Agar's happy face when she's sitting down!

Then we decided to go to my house to rest because we were really really tired. But we wanted to save on transport fee, so we walked home from Novena!!!

Agar caught a falling leaf while we were walking!!!
I was very sad that I didn't manage to catch any, so I stood under the tree to catch leaves!!
After 13 minutes, I finally finally finally managed to catch A FALLING LEAF!! HAPPINESS! (Ignore my messy hair, that's the result of trying to catch falling leaves for 13 minutes!)
Of course, we made wishes with our leaves! =D
While we were walking home, we felt really tired. So we went over to the bubble tea behind IJ to buy drinks. And I saw Poopie at the coffeeshop but she was busy eating, she didn't look up at all. haha! Then I saw Ice-Cream Waffle and Gabby (my junior, not Agar) at the bubble tea shop!

While crossing the road, I caught a falling leaf!! Am I pro or what?? =D
Agar came over to my house to rest and do retarded things. We almost died from the walk home and both of us were so so so tired!!

Since Agar and I were so tired, we had to cancel the dinner with the Royalties. So, I stayed home and did my nails.


2 falling leaves in a day! My wish better come true!

I rewatched Twilight (AGAIN!) in high quality! YAY!

Anyway, if you're interested to work as a facilitator for a 4-day camp, message me!! It's 280 bucks if my friend is not wrong. It's for the school of the arts and it's from 30 March to 2 April (Songminghan's birthday). There will be training on 19 March (My birthday!). Contact me!

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