Sunday, March 8, 2009


Okay. I only have 10 minutes to blog because Bro wants to use the computer! Rahhh.

Anyway, I went out with Liling, Shun and Pat today for retail therapy! (Although Pat and Shun doesn't really need it.)

Met Shun at tpy and bused to Far East. Made Liling wait for pretty long. So sorry! =D

Okay. I had lunch before meeting them. But after I see Pat and Shun eating, I had a cookie and another cold-cut trio. Then we bought bubble tea and Liling and I were full to the brim. haha. We wanted to puke please!

Shopped around Far East, then went over to Heerens. Bought matching anklets with Shun and Liling. Shun and I each bought a pair of havaianas from NUM.

Okay. I am running out of time. What a sucky post again.

Dinnered at Pastamania. Sat there for very long chatting with Shun and Liling.
Some people are just plain insensitive! Why is the world filled with so many insensitive people???

I'm not happy with my results and you just had to rub it in. It's so freaking obvious that your AAA will allow you to enter the course that you want for sure! And you're like telling me how difficult it is to enter and stuff. Oh please! My grades are much worse than yours and I am still hopeful that I will be able to get into the course that I want. What the hell is wrong with you??

Just go away and laugh all you want! What's with the "People that I know all did well"? YES! I'm the one who did badly!! Are you happy with that?


I feel like slapping you alright!
On a happier note, I koped something from Andrew's blog. =D

"I guess even if we don’t go museum, but hang out somewhere, the company will be good enough, it is pretty amazing how far this clique of mine have come, we started with just 5, 2 girls started laughing at my retainers cause i can’t talk properly, we were total stranger and they laugh at me how mean right! haha, then on one fateful night we are lack of materials to make rosary so i needed get them, i think i ask aaron to go with me then 3 other girls wanted to go too, but the cab obviously couldn’t take to much people and the 3 girls insisted that all of them should stick together and so we all ended up taking bus and during the trip we chatted and laughed at each other’s ez link. Then the girls decided to make the “family” clique, and they made aaron my wife, how interesting right, now the clique is joined by many others still as strong as it is, amazing right! this clique is a part of my life that i cannot afford to lose."

Damn long. Don't read if you're not interested.

Okay. Photos. And time's up. :O



The seaweed is mine! =D

Our anklets!
Photos from Andrew's camera!

Okay. No captions because time's up. Byebye!

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