Saturday, March 28, 2009

Facebook Is Useful!

Lemont is allergic to the sun! LOL.

I went for tennis with Timo in the afternoon and I nearly died!

Timo made me wait at the bus stop for 20 minutes!!!! I wonder who's the one that told me not to be late???

But the reason why I nearly died is not because of the waiting, but more because of the sun! It was so sunny and the sun makes me feel giddy! =(

I played for an hour and I totally felt like fainting! THE SUN NEARLY KILLED ME! Timo's friend, Daniel came over to join us and in the end, I totally stopped and let the two of them play by themselves.


Okay. Photos.

While sitting at the bus stop, I saw this.
Act camera shy.
My bangs for the day.
After tennis was dinner at Mos with Tan Ah Li! Don't be so emo anymore ahli! Cheer up okay!!! <3 you lots!

Anyway, TECK LING is going strong!! All the best Batman and Catwoman!

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