Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everyone should be happy!!

I realised many friends are unhappy! It makes me sad seeing friends unhappy! I want my friends to be happy so that I can share their happiness and be happy too.

And the list of friends who are sad goes on and on! So being very nothing better to do, I shall leave a note for those people who reads my blog and are sad!! Yay! Aren't you happy that I'm leaving a note for you??

In no particular order,

Ah mui: Hey Er Ge, cheer up cheer up!! Don't feel so sad and stressed in uni okay! I seriously hope that I can join you there and try to brighten your day, but that will only be in August if I really make it in. So stay happy and feel free to message me when you're bored! =D

Minghan: Friend! You must go back to the usual spastic and happy Songminghan okay! Although I'm very sad that the joke wasn't funny enough to cheer you up, I'm sadder that you're sad! So get high and come on, CRACK LAME JOKES! =D

Meigui: Hello Meiguai! I know you're not contented with your grade, so I'm leaving a note for you too! You're a lovely lovely girl (eh, no link) and you've wonderful in Geepee. Cheer up and start shouting the Estacy cheer out loud! =D

Gabby: Agar! I know you're always trying to fake laugh even though most of the time you don't really feel like it. But I do hope that you'll be really really happy when we have the royalties dinner cum gathering. I want Agar to be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! =D

Janice: Evil Pot, I haven't met up with you for quite a long time. I really hope that you will forget the past and become crappy and happy again! I will try to catch a leaf for you if I can and if that will make you happy! =D

Joyce: Hey girl! Okay. I think you aren't really that sad. But I guess you're still a little sad. Anyway, hope you enjoy your cruise and have lots of fun there!! Forget about results and be happy! =D

Liling: Hello girl! Don't worry about your results and don't listen to the things that the uncles and aunties are saying! They are talking crap. Treat them like bear-bears! Results aren't everything and you know you have friends to turn to whenever you're sad! =D

Shunli: Ah girl! All the best for everything okay! Don't talk to people who are insensitive, they only know how to make people sad. Talk to people who are happy and fun! Share their happiness too! =D

Victoria: Vics Vics! Try to forget the past and move on! You must go back to the happy and crazy girl that I know of! You gotta be happy happy and not fake happy okay! If you need jokes, I can find it for you and make you happy! =D

Karkoon: Hey breadie! I guess you're more nervous than sad since results will be out for you tomorrow. All the best and don't feel so stressed okay! I hope everything will turn out fine for you! =D

Huiqi: Hey girl, I really hope that you're not sad or unhappy. Get over it and move on. There are many many happy things out there, so go and have fun and forget it okay! Jiayou! You know you can do it.

I think I covered the list of those who are sad or unhappy. The rest that are sad or unhappy doesn't read my blog. I feel so accomplished.
Okay. Went to work late today because I only woke up at 1040am. Met Liling at around noon and went off to PS for lunch before heading to work.

Actually, I've been going to work late for quite a few days. haha.
Friends, stop asking me about results. =.=
Anyway, photos taken today.

My face is fat. I need to eat head-slimming pills to make it slim down.
Gabby is my husband. I am wearing my husband's cap. The cap is beside Gabby's head.
Liling is my friend. I am wearing Liling's friend's cap. Liling's friend's cap is beside the cap's owner's friend who happens to be Liling.
And when the three of us come together, there is my husband's cap's owner's friend who happens to be Liling, Gabby who happens to be beside my husband's cap's owner's friend who happens to be Liling, and the cap's owner's wife who happens to be me!
I'm not going to repeat that chunk again. Read the sentence above for the caption for this photo.
Yay! I'm done with the photos. Good night everyone! BE HAPPY! <3

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