Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Mouth!

I met Agar for work today at 11 plus. Reached the workplace only at 2 pm.

Worked till 5 plus and I left to meet Poser and Ce Le Tin.

But before I left, something embarrassing happened!!!

I just came out of the toilet and I heard the ringtone of my phone, so I ran to my phone. And it was so slippery that I slipped and fell right in front of this lady who happened to be there. She was like so shocked when she saw me falling, falling and fallen please!!

Okay. Anyway, I was calling companies today and the receptionist of this particular company asked for my name. So as usual, I said I was Jenny.

Then after I hung up the phone, the lady beside me was telling another guy working in the office that she is Jenny. No wonder she smiled at me when I looked at her. She must have thought that I am really Jenny!!!

I'm being so random today!

Okay. Met up with Poser and Ce Le Tin for Big Mouth's concert at NTU.
大 Mouth 带大猫去大毛店遇到大貌

A free meal thanks to Poser! Sirloin steak which was really raw!
There's something wrong with my hair today. You get 1 cent if you guessed it right.
Cheese Fondue at Billy Bombers after the concert! Ce Le Tin was sick so Poser and I had to share this. And we were so sick of the fried potato wedges till we had to play scissors paper stone to decide who to eat it.

Laughed like mad because Poser lost to me like crazy! And she ended up eating many many fried potato wedges.
She's angry with us for some reason and she went to sit there by herself. haha!!
Okay. Bro wants to use the comp again! =(

NTU and NUS Open House with Meowie, Agar and Eun tomorrow!

It's the 2nd Friday the 13th in this year! No wonder I fell down!

It's 0110am. Nights!!

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