Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shopping for Present

I know the title of this post sounds so stupid. As in, in other words I mean, brainless. But I don't see the need to have a nice title and all.

Anyway, Andrew said he doesn't blog everyday because he has to think a lot when he blogs. He can't just simply write down his thoughts and blog like how I do. He has to cheemify it before it is published. I guess I will never be able to do that because I hate to think and if I were to cheemify every single thing that occurred in my life, I think this blog will be dead by then. How many times must I say it, I HATE TO THINK!

So back to my daily post of my life.

I was super bored at home doing nothing again.

Then I messaged Meowie to ask her when is she free to go shopping with me bla bla bla. And we decided to go out today.

Talked to her on the phone, digressed a bit, decided on venue and stuff and off I went.

Headed over to Heeren to shop. I was looking for a present for Woody's birthday. It passed already I know. But I needed to get a present for him. And Woody, I got your present! Happy Happy???

Okay. We were supposed to be looking for his present but obviously we couldn't control ourselves and bought lots of things.

We each bought 2 hair ties, 1 ring, 1 hair clip and 1 pair of tights. She bought another tee and I bought a bag plus Woody's present!

Spent more than 70 bucks today :O

Went over to Taka to have takopachi and Orange Julia's ice cream. Then we went back to tpy cos she had training.
I am really sad with my fringe. I tied up my hair when I left the house today and Meowie said I look 5 years younger. That isn't very good. So she made me let down my hair and clip up my fringe.

When I was under my block, the secondary school boys that walked past kept annoying me. They didn't even see my face. =.= They merely saw my tied-up hair and assumed that I'm a little girl! BUT I'M NOT! I'M 19 IN 21 MORE DAYS!

I WANT TO LOOK 19!!!!!

I hope my fringe grows quickly and look alright before 6 March. We're collecting our results on 6 March. I don't want to look like I just returned to Primary School when I supposedly graduated.
I want to finish reading Twilight but at the same time don't finish reading twilight. So confusing!
Anyway, photos.

Aaron said if you're not pretty, you shouldn't clip up all your fringe. AND I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT! You should at least cover some of your face with your fringe, like what I always do. But with my current fringe, I had to clip all of them up and it makes me really sad. So just ignore my totally open face.

The hair ties, hair clip and ring.
Say hello to my new bag.

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