Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh my fringe is long

Hello. It's Wednesday, 18 Feb.

I'm slacking at home like crazy. Nothing to do except to use the computer.

I finished watching the shows. So I've nothing to do other than blog-hopping.

Spastic Idiot and I wanted to visit Mel at Sentosa today, but she isn't working. Then we wanted to go and cut hair, but I couldn't decide on the place. So now, I'm stuck at home doing nothing!!

Mj just said her friend is working at MOE, and her friend said A's results are out already. So they are moderating the results now and it may be out soon. Like soon. Oh my. Soon soon soon you know. I don't want to take my results.

I don't want. I don't want. I don't want.

I need to cut my fringe.

I want to cut my fringe.
Anyway, gotta thank the people who cared. Meowie, Jia Fan, Spastic, Pat, Evil and Liling. Thank you! And for poser and you, I'm alright already. I don't feel angry or feel like killing you two anymore!

Okay. I'm going to cut my fringe soon. But not by myself. (Although that's what I usually do) Okay. Byebye!

Have a nice day.

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