Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lousy Images Post

Hello people! It's 1127pm and I'm only starting to blog. Rahhhh. I'm so tired but I still have to blog because I want to blog and I don't like my post to be outdated.

Anyway, work today was alright. The only bad thing is that my IC caught me looking at my own blog and she asked me to close it. So I didn't dare to blog hop or facebook when she's around.

She told me I'll most likely be working till this week or next week. That implies that I'm getting sacked! Fine. In nicer words, I'm no longer needed. Some people think that I got sacked because I blog hopped. BUT it's not! I'm no longer needed because I've finished the work. Okay. Okay. Don't be mistaken.

Gabs Gabs said I may have the chance to work at the place that they work at.

So hopefully I'll get the job. =D
It was really really really crowded crowded crowded today! Yes. Three times of both REALLY and CROWDED. The word crowded looks weird. Did I spell it wrongly?? It looks even weirder in Caps. =.= Nevermind.

I missed 2 trains because it was really crowded. Fine. I shall use other vocab. I missed 2 trains because the train was extremely packed. Happy??

Anyway, then at some stop, 3 china girls came up. No. I'm not against china girls. I'm only against this particular china girl with a pony tail! Her pony tail is long and she kept turning her head and swinging her pony tail right into my face!!!! Okay. So I was thinking it isn't her fault because the train is really packed and I'm right behind her. So fine.

Then after another stop, there was more space and I moved back so that she's not right in front of me. BUT HER PONY TAIL STILL KEPT SLAPPING MY FACE! She will swing her whole head and the whole pony tail will swing and it will smack right onto my face. I got a little irritated by that action but obviously, I couldn't do anything.

Then at City Hall, she thought that the train was going to open at the same side, (actually it opens at the other side) so she changed place with her friend. And she started slapping another poor lady with her pony tail. The poor lady was fine when she slapped her once. She was still fine after two times. But at the third time, she glared at that china girl. I thought it was quite hilarious. But before the poor lady could say anything, the china girl realised the train was opening at the other side and she left.
Alright. I met up with Gabs and Vics at town to shop for Keenan's present. Xiao Ken joined us after that. After the present, we walked to Cathay to have dinner at Astons with Royal Family.

The quality of the photos are really bad because they are mostly candid shots and it's taken by my lousy camera phone. That's the reason why I need a camera! I need to take better quality photos!

On a side note, I'm really tired and I want to finish blogging asap. But people are talking to me and not letting me blog in peace! I still gotta finish my packet of rice which daddy bought! =(

Okay. We went to Astons to celebrate Keenan's birthday which was yesterday.



We waited like for around an hour for our seat! And the meal became our supper instead! The packet of rice is like my post-supper. =.=


Gabs, Vics and I at Heerens.
Andrew, my huang ah ma. A really candid and blur photo.
Aaron, my handsome mama.
Vics Vics who was really tired today.
Gabs Gabs. I can't think of things to describe her.
Xiao Ken who is a liar and a bad actor! =P
Keenan, the birthday boy!
Photo sucks. lol.
Vics, Gabs, Sakang.
My food. There was no more fish, no more potatoes and no more french fries. =.=

Xiao Ken and Birthday Boy with his cakes.
Vics eating.....

Sakang writing the card.
The card that Andrew made. We bought Keenan a shirt. =D
Photos from Sakang and Andrew's blog will be posted once I get hold of them.

Xiao Ken took Aaaron's money and he kept acting as if he didn't. So we spent like 20 minutes trying to figure out where Aaron's money went to. And I was seriously in a rush. =.= Felt like punching him at that moment when he took the money out please.

Kenneth is an idiot! =P

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