Thursday, February 12, 2009


Okay. I know I've been blogging at very late timings nowadays. That's because I always reach home late.

I'm really tired now because it's late and I feel like sleeping. But since tomorrow is Friday, I feel a little happier again.

But I must start thinking of what to wear tomorrow again. It's tiring. I hate thinking of what to wear. Why can't I just wear my uniform to work? =.= I'm crazy. Actually Jia Fan's crazy. He suggested that. So I'm not crazy. Jia Fan's crazy.

Anyway, it's 12 February today!


Ce Le Tin is my really good friend! She's very friend friend! She will leave her house immediately to lunch with me after I call her. She will watch movies with me when I say I feel like watching them. She takes the bus with me to school everyday when we were still in NJ.

I LOVE CE LE TIN! haha. No. I'm not les. She's just very nice right! =D

Okay. After work, I went for a survey thingy. 20 minutes 25 bucks.

Went to Dhoby to tell Idiotic Spastic it's Ce Le Tin's birthday. Asked him to buy a slice of cake after his work.

Met up with Ce Le Tin. Went to Pizza Hut. Treated Poser and Ce Le Tin to dinner for their birthdays. There goes my 25 bucks. Cost of the entire meal was $42.83. Pretty alright since I settled 2 birthday presents with a meal.

This post sucks because it's all in point form. Yucks. But too bad. I'm tired you know.

We saw Mark Lee at Dhoby just now too.

I was walking home just now, it was dark and I was thinking if a man will just hide between the bushes and suddenly appear in front of me. Then this cat which was on the ledge jumped across me. Take note! It's ACROSS ME. RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. I swear I almost got a heart attack. But I didn't say the bad word. I merely said "Oh my god!". The cat really really scared me please!

Okay. I'm really tired. I'm really tired. I'm really tired.

I've been going out everyday after work except for Mon. I think I'm going to faint soon. So tiring. Tomorrow is shopping at Bugis with Meowie. Saturday is kbox with Giang then airport with clique. Sunday is outing with 4eva and gang.

And my work isn't ending yet. My IC just threw me lots of work just now. =.=


Okay. I'm not complaining about going out. It's fun. I really enjoy all the outings. It's just that I have a lack of time. I can't watch my shows. I can't have my 8 hours of beauty sleep. I can't do my nails. I can't write cards for people. Oh no. Cards. Cards. Cards. I just remembered about the cards. Kill me people. Just kill me............

If you get ugly cards, you better smile and tell me they're beautiful. If not I'll be really sad. Like sad sad sad. It's not that I don't want to make the cards nice, it's just that time is passing so quickly. I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME!

Daddy and Mummy are complaining about me coming home late every night. They think I'm playing too much. Okay. I admit I'm playing too much. I'm not complaining. I'm not complaining. I'm not complaining. I love to play. I really love playing. So it's alright.

Okay. I shall come home early next week then.


I found another note that Gene made. "Out of bounds until the master returns. Go away!"
Pizza Hut soup and Ice Lemon Tea.
My Chic' Cago pasta.
The birthday girl!
The act young Poser.
Smile to the camera, Poser!
hahah. Bad face day. =X
Don't do the "talk to my hand" pose. You know you love to take photos.
It's not even your birthday, why are you making a wish??
Poser Poser Poser.
More Posers. Okay. I know the birthday girl is Ce Le Tin. But since it's her birthday, I decided not to put up candid shots of her! =D
The free Firehouse Happy Birthday ice-cream from Swensens.
Yay. Ce Le Tin with her ice-cream! =D
The cake that Idiotic Spastic bought. But we got chased out halfway because we can't bring outside food in.
Ce Le Tin is 19!
Ce Le Tin and Poser are really childish. They were poking each other!
The only group photo that we managed to take.
Okay. Byebye.

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