Friday, February 27, 2009


It's Gabs Gabs' Birthday today! (Alright. I changed the date of this post. =P)

I met Liling and went for work at 10 plus. Reached the office at around 1115am. And the two of us started calling companies as usual.

Ended work at around 7pm and we met up with Vics at Fort Canning and it was supposedly a threesome picnic because the rest were unable to make it. But obviously, THE REST SURPRISED GABS GABS! =D

We had our picnic at Fort Canning. Thanks so much for the food, Vics.

Spastic and Jiafan came over later. I was supposed to meet them at Clarke Quay at 7pm but we only reached Fort Canning at around 8 so they came over to find me instead.

Okay. To be nice and note to all Royal Family members, Jiafan's name is actually Joson.

We finished the picnic at around 9 plus 10. Then Spastic, Jiafan and I left for Clarke Quay. They bought breezers from Cheers and I had Pink Dolphin. Then we sat down at riverside to talk for around an hour half before we decided to leave for home. It was a nice surprising talk.

Reached home at 12 plus and I was so tired. There's all for the day. Photos.........

Vics thought that the view is nice so she made me take a photo of her. haha.
Vics, Sasa, Xavier and Gabs Gabs.
Xavier made Gabs Gabs blow the candle many many times.
Candid shot.
Andrew (Huang Ah Ma) & Gabs Gabs.
Xavier (Idol) & Gabs Gabs.
Sasa & Gab Gabs.
Vics & Gabs Gabs.
No Lems with Gabs Gabs. Actually there is..... BUT MY HAIR IS STILL AWFUL, so.......

Anyway, Gabs Gabs looked so happy!
I think Andrew looks cute here. haha.
Gabs Gabs again.
Food by Vics and her maid! =D
Gabs Gabs made everyone eat 1 tangyuan each so that we will tuan yuan. No Gabs Gabs with her tangyuan, but there's Xav and Vics with their tangyuans.
Andrew with his tangyuan. Happy uh?
Sasa with her tangyuan.
Again, no me with my tangyuan?? There is...... in Sasa's camera. I refused to take it with my cam.

Shocked Sasa and Aaron who reached later.
Aaron didn't want to pose with his tangyuan! So he gobbled it down.
Spastic looks like a ghost.

Spastic with his tangyuan. Okay. There were 2 extras so he and Jiafan were forced got to eat it.
Jiafan with his tangyuan which is in the container.
Oh. End of photos. That's fast.


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