Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Early in the morning, I was eating the Wall E sweet that Liling and Pat gave me for X'mas. I was calling too. So I was enjoying the sweet until the person picked up the call. So normally, I will just push the sweet to the side and start my speech.

But there was this time today when I was eating the sweet and the receptionist picked up the call so quickly that I didn't have time to push the sweet to the side slowly. So I panicked and I SWALLOWED THE ENTIRE SWEET! I swear I was choking but I had to continue my speech. So I was like putting my hand over my throat trying not to choke to death and on the other hand, trying to talk really normally. =.=

The sweet that nearly caused my death in the office.
Met up with Evil Pot and off we went to Chomp Chomp for dinner!!!

Fried oyster.
Hokkien Mee.
An actor that I saw. Something Liang. His name.
Done with the food?? No way.
Aiya. His backview la.
Carrot cake.
Evil pot using a retarded way to take the carrot cake up.
After dinner was Liquid Kitchen. The wonderful candle.
Evil Pot.
Evil Pot with her Jap notes and China notes and whatever notes.
My drink. "Sex on the beach". Vodka with Orange Juice with Cranberry Juice with whatever whatever.
Cool effect right! The flash of Evil Pot's camera was going off when I snapped it.

Woody is weird. He started praising himself. =.=I was pretending to work today. Internet is crazy. I could viwawa and look at my blog but I couldn't facebook or blog hop. Anyway, I was viwawahjonging (Evil Pot created this word) and pressing "Control C" and "Control V" at the same time. I was pretending to be working when I was actually viwawahjonging.

It's 0005am. I am going to die tomorrow. Lack of sleep! =((((((((((((

I haven't called Kbox. I got no time. =.=


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