Monday, February 9, 2009

Far Far Away

There are no seats available for me at my own department. So I moved to this seat far far away from where my ic is sitting. She's like 50 metres away from me.

She can't see me. I can't see her.

I realised people in the office don't really know each other that well.

I'm sitting at Jenny's seat. By the way, Jenny is the name I use when I call. Don't ask me why. I don't especially like the name. There was this lady who came up to me and she started talking to me.

R for Random lady and L for Lai Meng.

R: Eh Jenny. I need you to help me do this.
L: (turns around) ???
R: Can you help me with this? (Looks at me in the eye)
L: Erm. (Give ??? look)
R: I need you to help me with this.
L: But Jenny is not here.
R: Oh. She's not here. When will she be back??
L: I'm not sure.
R: Oh. Then I'll just put it here. (HOW CAN SHE NOT KNOW WHO'S JENNY?!?!?! And do I even look like I'm Jenny??)
R: Okay. Then anyway, can you help me check this??
L: Huh?? I'm just sitting here because there's no place there. (Points to my department)
R: Oh okay.

Extreme you know. She doesn't even know who's Jenny.........

Lunched with Meigui and Idiotic Spastic at Dhoby. Yoshi's students meal! =D There isn't any students meal at Raffles Place Yoshi! SO UNFAIR!!

Anyway, Meigui agreed to help me with my very own blogskin! YAY!

Okay. A random photo from the net because there isn't any photo today!

Eyecandy! <3

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