Monday, February 2, 2009

Facebook Games

It's 10 more minutes to the end of work.

I'm happy that I'm going home soon.

I'm hungry and I feel like having dinner.

Oh no. My ic just came back to her seat.

Anyway, I was calling and facebooking for the whole of today.

I tried many many facebook games.

Some are really retarded.

And I see Weiyuan's name for most of the games I played.

Haha. I think he is really bored.

I think I'm going to watch "The Wedding Game" with Poser and Ce Le Tin tomorrow.

But Ce Le Tin hasn't confirm with me yet.

Wednesday is dinner and kbox with Evil Pot.

Saturday is Sharon's house with Mafia.

Sunday is squash with Timo.

Okay. 6 more minutes to the end of work.

I want to go home!

Love or Bread. I'm coming.

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