Friday, February 6, 2009


I left the house. Took the same usual route.


The drain was more than 1 metre deep okay. And no. I didn't scream. But I swore :O That word just came out of my mouth at that instant. I don't swear unless I'm extremely pissed. But I wasn't feeling pissed. I was thinking, "Oh no. How am I going to get my phone out?". Plus I'm slightly late for work. But that word came out anyway.

The drain is skinny and deep. I was thinking damn hard how I can retrieve my phone from it.

In the end, I climbed down to the drain to save my phone. (Unglam! Thank god Spastic wasn't there.) I'm glad I wasn't wearing heels! For your info, only one of my leg could fit into the drain. So I put my leg in, picked up my phone and came up as quickly as possible. I'm glad that the drain wasn't wet or something. Or it'll be so disgusting.

My phone survived the fall with some small scratches here and there. =D
The train was so crowded in the morning, I could hardly breathe. I tried super hard to suck hair air in please. (OMG LOL! I was checking what I wrote and I saw "I tried super hard to suck hair in". LOL! I meant air!) Suddenly, everyone in the train became so tall today and they blocked the air travelling to my nose. =.=
Anyway, almost had to lunch alone again. All my colleagues that usually lunch with me went off one by one. No. They didn't tell me that they have their lunch dates. As I've said, adults are like that. They don't bother.

I called Bimb and thankfully she could lunch with me. So I didn't zi bi today.


Oh. I shall thank Spastic too. He suddenly became so nice last night. He said he will sneak out to lunch with me if I have no one to lunch with! (I think it's probably cos he got a shock from the emo post yesterday.) haha.


Thanks Meow Meow for sharing her luck with me too! XD
Alright. Enough of thanking, I came to work today and my pass couldn't work. Pass as in the pass to get into the office. But anyway, another guy was there, so he opened the door for me.

But I went to the toilet just now and I couldn't get back in. BECAUSE MY PASS REALLY COULDN'T WORK! =(

So I was stranded outside for pretty long until another man came and opened the door. I totally looked like an idiot standing at the corridors for so long!
This post is so meaningless. Boo.

I concluded I have a bad sense of direction. Despite working for 1 month and 1 day, I am still unable to tell where is where. I will still lose my way around Raffles Place. Oh mans. The other day, I walked round and round to find the 7-eleven. I took like 20 minutes before I finally found it.
Oh my. This post is really boring. It's made up of random chunks. Rahhh. But seriously I have nothing interesting to blog about.

Oh! I realised my title of the post is "Eyecandy"! Yes. I was bloghopping in the morning and I saw the Nuffnang thingy. So I clicked on it and became a Nuffnanger. And I saw this "Blogger of the Month" thingy, I went to click on it and I saw this blogger called _____. So I went to his blog.


As in.. He's the one that I showed Meowie last night! (Eh. I just typed the same sentence twice. =.=) Aiya. Difficult to explain. But use your brains and think and look at the title of this post and use your brains again. You should know what I mean.

So I spent the whole morning stalking reading his blog. Oh no no. I am not a stalker. I was just bored.

I'm actually done with my work. The non-calling part. And I didn't want to call yet, so I pretended to be working as usual. Just like yesterday. "Ctrl C" and "Ctrl V" when I'm actually reading blogs. I spent a few hours reading his blog. AND I REPEAT, I AM NOT A STALKER! I just don't feel like calling.

I just don't feel like calling.

I just don't feel like calling.

I said the above sentence 3 times. So yes, it is really true.

I'm still going to read the blog because I really don't feel like calling.


I like to repeat myself to emphasize my point.

So did you get my point?

I really really don't feel like calling.

Alright. I shall not irritate yall with the "I really don't feel like calling." Lol.
Friday rocks. TGIF!

There's no work tomorrow.

It's dress-down day today.

People look younger and less stressed.

All of them look happier compared to Mon-Thurs.


Gonna meet up with Evil Pot and Gladys later after work. Yippieness.

I like to say "Baa Baa Black Sheep" when I'm unhappy.

I feel like saying "Baa Baa black sheep, have you any wool" now.


You don't have to reply me with "Yes Sir Yes Sir. Three bags full".

I am not unhappy.

I am quite happy.

Not because I became a stalker. I am not a stalker. I repeat. I am not a stalker.

My point that I wish to emphasize is, "I am not a stalker". lol. I'm getting a little ting tong. (And Joson Chua Jia Fan, I am not psycho!)

I'm happy because it is Friday.

No. It's because I actually found _____'s blog. So coincidentally.

I'm shocked.

I was high just now. REALLY HIGH. I couldn't stop smiling to myself. But I didn't want to look retarded so I smiled to the screen instead. Oh whatever. It is equally retarded. Then I smiled to the phone.

Finally, I smiled to air.

That was rubbish. I controlled my smile because it's obvious that I'm not working if I smile to the screen or phone or myself or air.

Who will ever smile to Microsoft Excel???

Alright. I can't see your tags because there's problem with the internet in the office. I can blog, facebook, bloghop but not tag now.

Hi to whoever is at my blog then =D

Byebye. Off to read _____'s blog. <3

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