Saturday, February 7, 2009

Drink Drank Drunk

Hello people. It is so late now. 0202am.

I am staying over at Sharon's house because we mahjonged till very late.

Anyway, last night was movie with Evil Pot and Gladys. Bride Wars. Wanted to kbox but it was either 29 bucks or 35. So we gave up the idea of singing and caught a movie instead. Smuggled in Long Johns.

Slacked at the balcony after that.

Photos from Evil Pot's blog.

At the toilet.

Gladys and I ordered "Watermelon and Strawberry Magarita" while Evil Pot had some peach drink. Our drink was super yucky. The liquor was strong and the drink doesn't taste good.

Evil Pot got really drunk after drinking half cup of her Peach drink.

Oh no. Look uber fat here.

Photos from my phone.
Gladys and Evil Pot.
My bleah drink.
Evil Pot's one.
I told you she got drunk. She turned really red.
I managed to force myself to finish the drink.

I managed to catch the last train home last night. So I didn't have to waste money on cab fare =D


Today is mafia gang gathering. Tan Tan Wo Niu couldn't make it again. Lunched at gardens and came over to Sharon's house.

Idiot Spastic, Jia Fan and Waikit came over after that. Mahjonged.

I've photos to upload but I forgot to bring my cable. So that will have to wait till I get home today. After squash with Timo and Bimb. Ya.

I'm tired. Will update soon. Byebye!

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