Sunday, February 8, 2009


Okay. This is a camwhoring post and if you really hate my face or something, I think you better not read it. =D

I just got home from Shar's place.

As I was saying, I mahjonged at Shar's place last night. It was supposedly Mafia Gang gathering but Idiotic Spastic, Jia Fan and Waikit came over to mahjong. So Mafia Gang's gathering was really short. All we did was sit around and read essays written by Jieying's students. haha. But well, it was funny though =D

I won 31 bucks at first when I played with Idiotic Spastic, Jia Fan and Waikit.

After Idiotic Spastic and Jia Fan left, I lost 5 bucks when playing with Sabrina, Ben and Waikit. (Waikit thought I lost 6 so he took my extra 1 dollar. haha.)

Then Waikit left and I lost another 23 bucks.

So my overall winning was $2 if I don't consider the extra $1 that Waikit took.
Slept at around 3am last night after I blogged.

Woke up at 10am, changed and went for Macs breakfast with Shar.

And I came home after that. Going for squash later with Timo and Bimb. I messaged Bimb the timing in the morning after I woke up but she didn't reply me. So I called her a few times but she didn't pick up the call. So I asked Timo to message and call her. But she didn't reply either.


I think I left around 25++ missed calls in her phone! Turned out that she was out but she forgot to bring her phone out. haha.

Okay. Photos photos! XD

Abigail and I reached at around 1245pm and nobody was there. The meeting time was supposedly 1230pm. Anyway, while waiting for Weewee, we started camwhoring.
We started with normal poses as usual.
Then she started becoming really happy.
And she said we should let our fringe down. And my face can't even be seen.
So we tried it again and this time, I could see some of my face.
But I'm sad that the hair is still blocking my face while her face can be so clearly seen.
So she said that we should change our partings. So it ended up like this. I look extremely stupid while she look so normal.
Then she made me do this "I'm a nerd" look with the center parting.
And look at her.
I don't know what I was shocked about.
And no idea why I was so scared either.
When I became happy, she became crazy.
Then we realised we should take it from a different angle.

And my friends love to make pau faces.
When I saw the fat pau face that I had above, I decided I should make my face slimmer instead of fatter.
My face is slim and Abi Ebi's face is fat! YAY!
My lovely leg blocked Abi Ebi.
But I still didn't realise.
After she told me, I moved my leg down. But the wind was irritating, so I had to press down my fringe.
I think I look really stupid here. Ahaha. Abi Ebi looks retarded too.
Who dare say I have a pau face?
We wanted to take a full body photo. But it's so dark.
We kept trying and changing places. But our faces are still dark.
We changed direction. But still......
Finally a photo where our faces can be seen. But so sad. I look hahaha.... So.....
Lunch time! Char Kuay Teow. I just found out that I didn't take a photo of the wonderfully delicious Hokkien Mee.
Ice Lemon Tea.
Idiotic Spastic, Waikit and Jia Fan.
Idiotic Spastic smiling so happily because he brought Jia Fan along. He finally found someone who's worse at mahjong than himself! Bravo!
This is Jia Fan.
This is Jia Fan too.
This is also Jia Fan.
Wondering why there are 3 Jia Fans up there??

Let me tell you the answer! Jia Fan is really gullible and bullyable!! He listens to what people say. He trusts everyone so easily. Actually I wanted to put his photo really big here but I decided not to.


Since Jia Fan is a really lousy player, Sabrina and Ben was helping him. And they were confusing him like crazy! hahaha! The two of them will tell him different things and he will give that "Huh????????" look. Super hilarious.

The left and the right. lol.
Oh. End of this post. That's fast. It's 1259am. I think I better get ready for squash.

I feel stupid. I just came back from Serangoon and I'm going back to Serangoon again. =.=

There will most likely be a third post later. BUT WEEWEE HASN'T UPLOAD THE PHOTOS!!


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