Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mastering the Art

(don't kill me because of the photo. it was taken super long ago. lol. in nj library!)


Work today was bad!! =( I was very diligent and I finished compiling the database very quickly today. (Notice that I didn't talk much during work today?) I wasn't on facebook, I wasn't on my blog, I wasn't on hotmail. I was working!!!

But the terror came after I finished the database! It's calling time! I had to call the companies to ask for the people's email add. I swear it is damn difficult. I was so nervous and I couldn't talk properly! =( But I only spent about half an hour calling today. Tomorrow will be lots and lots of calling. Rahhh!

Met up with Gabs Gabs and Sasa after work. Went off to Bugis for dinner and shopping. I think I spent a lot of money these two days. But well, I haven't shop for so long!! (I might be shopping with Meowie on Monday) Okay. I wanna watch Gossip Girl. I haven't watch the latest episode because I was very tired yesterday!

I'm appearing offline. No one can see me! Yay!

Gabs Gabs insist that we take a photo because she's wearing the shirt she bought yesterday and the bag she bought yesterday and I'm wearing the belt I bought yesterday too.
But the previous photo, my belt was covered. Sasa left early so she isn't here.
Gabs Gabs insist that her bag is seen! I'm taller than Gabs Gabs! Yay. Heels rocks!
T-shirt that I bought today.
Top that I bought. It looks really dull here but it's due to the lighting. It's actually bright and lovely!
A dress!
And I bought a normal tube too.

Yeap Yeap. Off to Gossip Girl!

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